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Top 4 Beard Styles 2020

In today’s generation there are several beard styles that men get fascinated with. However, the right beard style can give them an attractive gentleman look. Before getting any beard cut, one’s hairstyle and facial shape should be considered. These things can greatly determine the correct beard cut for men. Likewise, a beard styling expert may suggest a perfect beard cut that will go with your hairstyle. It depends if you want to get a rugged look or a decent look, your beard can greatly be responsible to shape your personality and attractiveness.

In this article, we will be looking at four types of beard styles that can give you an idea on which beard cut can be the perfect cut for you.


Verdi Men's Beard Cut- Labelle Hair and Beauty Salon
Verdi Men’s Beard Cut- Labelle Hair and Beauty Salon

Verdi is a type of beard cut for men who have a fully grown beard. It is one of the types of beard style where the mustache is kept shorter or neatly trimmed. Similarly, keeping the neckline neat and beard is kept just beyond the chin and jawline. If you are a kind of man who wants a classy look, you can try this beard cut at least once.


Goatee Style Beard Cut- Labelle Hair & Beauty Salon
Goatee Style Beard Cut

A chin patch beard without any mustache is a goatee beard style. This style was very popular in the 90s. This sort of beard cut usually suits men with oval or diamond facial structure. Men with goatee beard cut look unique and sexy.

Circle Beard

Circle beard style-Labelle Hair &Beauty Salon
Circle Beard Style

A mustache that forms a circle with a chin patch beard is a circle beard. You can get a professional and heroic look with this beard style.

A Short Beard

Short Beard

Short beard is a beard style that you get when trimmed with a beard trimmer at a 3 to 5 setting. To maintain this type of beard style one should get regular trimming along with neck and cheek shaving. A short beard is a kind of the extended form of stubble beard cut. A short beard style can give you a professional appearance and a charismatic charm.

Therefore, to make your beard look good, make sure to get a perfect hairstyle as hairstyles can complement the beard look. In addition, make sure to clean the beard lines when you feel you need to as overgrowth of beard may get hard to manage in the future.

Likewise, a beard styling expert may suggest you a perfect beard cut that will go with your hairstyle to give you the dashing look. However, cleanliness, shaving, and getting a stylish cut can surely take your beard cut to a next level.

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