Stylish Ladies Haircut at La belle Hiar and Beauty Saloon Redfern and Waterloo

Whether you want a natural look, or you desire to shed significant length, different ladies haircut that our hairdresser provide will surely get you covered. Why not try a rounded bob or wispy bangs this season?

Likewise, La belle’s hairdressers will make sure to make your hair cut experience an amazing one. Rounded Bob, Collarbone Lob, Wispy Bangs, Mid-length haircuts, Blunt Bob, Long Layers, and many more other stylish ladies haircuts are done in La belle hair and beauty salon.


Let’s get into two hairstyles that greatly are in trend nowadays.

Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob is in high trend nowadays as it gives classy look to every girl out there. This cut gets somewhere around the chin and has very minimal layering. Blunt cut will make your hair look thick and healthier. This cut looks good in straight hairstyles. Similarly, some girls with manageable waves can also slay in this cut.

Layered Hair Cut

Layered ladies’ haircut is a haircut that suits girls with all hair types. Layer cut creates the illusionary hair look; therefore, you definitely can try layer cut if you want to make your thin hair look voluminous and manageable.

Similarly, in this hairstyle, hair is arranged into layers where the top layer is cut shorter than the layers underneath. You can choose a cut from long layers or short layers as per your fashion requirements.

However, make sure to get your haircut done from an expert hairdresser to get the perfect layered hairstyle that you want to get.

If you want to get a haircut from us then please contact us or book an appointment with us today.

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