Types of Balayage Services at Best Barber Shop In Moore Park & Waterloo: La belle Hair and Beauty Salon

Are you still searching for a salon near me or salon somewhere near Moore Park around Bourke St. Don’t worry, La belle salon is here to give you all the professional hair and beauty service that you are looking for. Whether it’s a lady’s haircut, kid haircuts, men’s hairstyling, or hair coloring we can get you covered through our wide range of professional beauty and hair services.

Balayage is very popular among people nowadays as it comes in different types and variants. It can make your hair look more gorgeous and attractive.

Some types of Balayage services that Labelle Hair and Beauty Salon provides are explained below: 


Originated in France, Balayage is a away and technique for coloring hair. In Balayage color is strategically painted and highlights are done in a prettier way which will give your hair color a natural look. Balayage is a technique of sweeping color onto the hair. In traditional highlighting you’ll see foil highlights are placed in the hair, on the other side in Balayage freehand technique is used where the application is done along the surface of the hair to give the hair a grown-out appearance.


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If you’re looking for a highlighter that gives more dense highlighted color onto the surface of your hair leaving the top of your head and underside area darker with less color concentration, Balayage can be a perfect choice for you in such case.  Balayage is popular to give your hair a natural look because it highlights are just a few shades lighter than the natural hair tone of a person.

If you’re wondering about types of Balayage. There are several types of Balayage that you can choose from and some of its types are described under:

1  Full Balayage

     Balayage, where highlights are applied perfectly throughout the whole head without leaving a single strand, is a Full Balayage.

Full Balayage at La belle Hair and Beauty Salon
Full Balayage at La belle Hair and Beauty Salon

2 Partial Balayage

In partial Balayage highlights are applied only to a partial area of hair. This can be a perfect choice for someone who wants to get a decent looking balayage. 

3 Subtle Balayage

LA BELLE HAIR & BEAUTY BLONDE labelle beautiful girl

It’s a soft variation of Balayage where color is applied on the areas that would fade out naturally or areas that catch the light. This balayage service is provided by hairdressers of La belle with extraordinary focus and dedication so that we can match our customer’s expectations.


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Babylights Balayage

Babylights Balayage also known as micro-highlights are very detailed and subtle highlights. This Balayageb service last for months as it has a very long-lasting effect, however, to do this highlight it may take more time. There are hundreds of types of Balayage that one can try as per their requirements and hair texture. Balayage would be a perfect choice for someone who desires to get sun-kissed, glossy, and natural highlighted hair look.

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